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Stewardship Days

2005 Calgary ATVFrontier Rebels

AURS Ghost Stewardship Days Sept 19th, 2005

ATV bridge constructed by the ATVFrontier.com "REBELS" members.  Back-fill yet to be completed.  Actual construction time was about 6 hours plus site preparation and project planning.  This bridge is located in the Ghost FLUZ on Lost Knife Trail near WP#77.  The Bridge allows ATVs and other users to cross this creek without causing downstream water quality issues and bank erosion.

These were some of the early days of the Calgary Rebels that spawned the creation of the Calgary Quad Squad (CQS) Association in 2006, and which was renamed to the Calgary ATV Riders Association (CARA) in 2009.

Left>Right: Terry E, Carson, (big dodge), Bob B, Robert W, Don M, Tony S, Jamie, Brendin P, David C, Todd L, Dillon C, Matt M, Garry S, Evan P.

80' Steel bridge span over Lesueur Creek in the SW corner of Ghost FLUZ.  Built in 2006.

2008 Meadow Creek Bridge Multi-club project.