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2016 was an interesting year as one of our favorite trails, Meadow Creek( Ghost pluz) was closed. It was a major river crossing, and while working with Environment & Parks to keep wheel out of the water an old trail was cleaned up and a switch back was developed in a steep section to avoid the river all together. We also did some bioengineering in the meadow with willow staking  to strenghten the area. Of course more regular maintenance was needed on the trails to drain holes to allow for proper drainage. This year we only had one bride to repair, mind you we made it stronger for the safety of users when crossing.

We had 44 volunteers, of all ages, current members, new members, E&P staff, work over 616 hours this year, a great effort by all to do perform some great work and maintenance. We did not accomplash all we wanted, so we will start to plan in early 2017 for next year. I would like to thank all the volunteers for the pre work( planning), the work that was done on the trails, and to the cooks for the Saturday dinner( very good by the way). We look forward to an even more production 2017.

Depending on the speed of your computer, the pictures may take a bit longer to load, but thought it was well worth it to show the amount of work that was completed.