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Stewardship 2014

On May 31/June 1 we held our  1st Annual Stewardship Day.  It was a great success!  With 20 volunteers we managed to drained over 20 mud holes and repaired 4 major areas of concern that our members had identified during our May long weekend event.

The most labour intensive was a large hole just before the tree line along meadow creek trail.  It took 16 volunteers 3.5 hours to complete the repair with trees, gravel and dirt, a total of 56 man hours, this included 2 very young boys who worked just as hard as the adults to help out in every way they could.  The volunteers used picks, shovels, chainsaws and brute strength to accomplish all the work.  By the end of the Sunday we were all very tired and a bit sore but felt great with what we had accomplished.  Thank you to all those that volunteered to make the weekend a success.