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2008 Meadow Creek Bridge
2006 Lesueur Creek 80' Multi-club Bridge
2006 80' Bridge #3
2005 AURS Ghost Stewardship Days

Lesueur Creek 80' Multi-club Bridge install near WP#7

SW Ghost Area just North of the TransAlta road near WP#7. A 80' steel bridge was installed by multiple clubs.  The bridge was washed out of Fish creek park in Calgary by the heavy floods of 2005 and donated By Parks to help repair the Ghost trail system.  The various clubs raised money to cover transportation and installation funding.

Bobcat preparing banks, while crews assemble wooden embankment structure.

Packing the bank while others perform enviornmental reclamation in the background.

Dave has the big toy out to move and pack the soil.

Bob, Todd and Louie drilling holes for the rebar.

6 levels high of large timbers and all assemble like a jigsaw puzzle in an open area near the bridge.

Using the heavy machinery to lift the bridge and drag it into place.
























Todd assisting operator in manouvering bridge into place.















Bank reclamation with Willows rocks and sticks completed.  Natural growth expected to reclaim this old trail location.