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2019 Stewardship Days

2019 was a great year in the sense that we had 398 hours of great volunteer work. It was the first year of our year long agreement with Environment & Parks that enables us to get out when we see a need for maintenance in South Ghost. Of couse that is limited with dollars and great volunteers. The agreement works in the sense that we meet with E&P early in the year to discuss our plan for the following year and work on what we can with the time and money we get. In 2019, we also got our gaming license back, which in enabled us to host our Poker Ralley to raise funds towards stewardship. We worked on the connector off Lost Knife, did maintenance on Cow Lake and Meadow Creek, worked with the South Ghost Community to pick up trash on Transalta road, hwy40, and part of Waiparous Creek road. All would not have been possible withouth the generation of Joe and Denise allowing us to camp on their land for the stewardship weekend. Using our link on the main page, we got out a few days to do tree maintenance of down trees. In the Fall, we got out with equipment and did some major repair on parts of Cow Lake trail that had water damage, as well worked wtih Trout Unlimited and Ghost watershed in a bioengineering project behind the gravel pit. In all a very production year. Thank you to the volunteers that spent their time on the trails. 

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